Offer smart and reliable delivery to your customers


Dispatch Drive is a technology-based delivery service offering efficient and reliable B2B on-demand delivery solutions to restaurants and other retail stores.

We give the ability for you and your customers to track orders in real-time. Offering delivery to your customers has never been this easy!


Most restaurants don’t offer delivery services to their customers because it can be a hassle to manage the day
to day operations for deliveries. From calling riders to keeping up with timelines and bearer locations, it can be
a full-time job in itself.

Dispatch Drive was created to ease that logistical pressure by offering you on-demand delivery services; giving you the extra benefits of added revenue and increased customer
base for your business.


Large Network of Delivery Riders

With one of the largest networks of delivery personnel, we can ensure that there is always a rider nearby.

Real-Time Order Tracking

You and your clients are able to track orders in real time once it leaves therestaurant. This means your customers are able to track where their orders areinstead of having to call the restaurant.

Delivery Verification

Our delivery verification technology ensures that your customers get their orders.

Rider Review System

We give your customers the power to make a difference! Our rider rating systemencourages riders to operate at their best when your customers leave greatreviews.

Customer Notifications

Your customers are always informed about their deliveries through notifications sent via SMS and email messaging.

Open API Integration

Our system integrates directly into your existing platforms to make your delivery workflow easier.


Have your clients orders fulfilled in real time.

Most commonly used by restaurants to have food delivered as soon as possible.

Have your clients place orders to be delivered at a time of your choosing.

Most commonly used by retail stores or made-to-order food businesses.



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